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Creatively adaptive

By 11.2.20211 elokuun, 2021No Comments

Everything is about adaptation. There isn’t much more. It is not the new black: It has been ’the thing’ all along.

Life is constant adaptation. And so is any process a person is going through, whether it is in rehabilitation, athletic development, mental landscape, sociocultural wellbeing… whatever you can think of. Often times what limits our adaptation is fear of change, fear of something new, fear of the unknown and uncertain. However, these things are essential nutrients for growth and development, and fear is not the best breeding ground for you to flourish and thrive. It begins with a little curiosity. Let’s dig in deeper and see what else is there. Maybe you will find solutions that are ’better than just good’ (-FM). There’s no need to be afraid.

”Fear is the cheapest room in the house
I would like to see you living
In better conditions”
// Hafez

Creatively adaptive.

Physiotherapist and movement optimist from Turku, Finland.