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Movement Physio

Physiotherapy & workshops


Marko Grönholm

Movement optimism

Above all, I focus on opportunities, not on bans or restrictions. There is always potential in the body, so let’s utilize it.


I don’t believe in quick fixes. Results require commitment, determination and regularity. Trust the process!


Without communication there is no life – and therefore no movement. Thus, it also plays an important role in the rehabilitation process.


You can find me at Terveystalo Pulssi (Humalistonkatu 9-11, 20100 Turku, Finland). For making an appointment visit or send us an email.


I teach movement and other MSK applications to physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals. For organizing or hosting a course, please contact us by sending an email.

Fighting Monkey Practice

Fighting Monkey is an applied practice for human development through movement. Fighting Monkey practice treats each and every person as a unique universe interconnected with the environment and within its own structure.

Any complex activity requires much more than only strength, mobility or being functional. Each one of us operates in different context and has different goals. Create a dynamically coordinated structure to accommodate more effectively the forces which are acting on you to increase immunity and health of your entire body.

Marko is a humble and honest human being and exceptional practitioner. He applies Fighting Monkey Practice principles into the field of physiotherapy intelligently and with great creative power. I appreciate his work!

Jozef FrucekFounder of Fighting Monkey Practice

Marko's style to study movement is interesting and very good. I myself go, my family goes and I recommend to my own clients to use Marko as a physiotherapist. As a teacher Marko is inspiring and practical. I will definitely continue participating to his workshops.

Riikka BackmanTrained Massage Therapist and Group Training Instructor

I am grateful for Marko’s professional work which has always helped me to recover fast and get back on track after different injuries during my career. Marko has taught me many good things during the rehab processes. It is always a pleasure to work with him!

Fatos Durmishi12-fold wrestling champion of Finland

The most important job of a physiotherapist is to rehabilitate and to prevent injuries through movement. Marko shares his excellent expertise on this area to his clients in the clinic as well as to other professionals in his workshops.

Kari NiemiPhysiotherapist OMT, Kinetic Control -teacher