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PhysiotherapyRandom thoughts

Make notes

By 30.3.20211 elokuun, 2021No Comments

When you face challenges with your body or feel pain, how do you react? Do you expect the situation to pass by itself or do you start looking at it more closely? When the situation is serious enough, or if it persists, you’re probably looking for help. Maybe you come to a physiotherapist’s office. But what do you bring with you to physiotherapy and how do you see your role: Are you a passive or active party? What do your notes look like and how accurately have you written down the details that affect the problem? What is your own analysis of the situation?

When you come to my office, most probably you already know what’s going on. You have most of the details and majority of the pieces in the puzzle – but maybe you do not know how to interpret all of this. I will help you to organize the information. I will help you reason the causes and consequences. The more accurate your notes are, the better I can help you with them. I will ask more specific questions. I will test, assess and evaluate findings in different situations. But together we draw conclusions – and your contribution is essential to its success.

There are no passive parties or roles in physiotherapy. I am not working on you, instead I am working with you. Let’s take responsibility and get things done!

Physiotherapist and movement optimist from Turku, Finland.