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Open letter from a physiotherapist

Dear You,

As a physiotherapist, I am not here to wash your back for you. Instead, I can teach you how to take care of your kinetic hygiene. In order to wash and take care of your joints, you need to move well. Your joints need nutrients that only versatile and diverse movement can provide – and with this I will be happy to help you!

So, please: Do not ask me to rub your skin just to make you feel good for a minute. Take some responsibility over yourself – and learn how to move better! I’d love to see less of those overstretched or pumped static positions and poses, rigid and broken movement patterns, and more of that coordinated and well-orchestrated musicality of movement, please.

Yours truly,
Movement Physio

PS. The process might take some time. Explore, have fun and enjoy!

Physiotherapist and movement optimist from Turku, Finland.