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Superhero and the Sidekick

By 24.6.20211 elokuun, 2021No Comments

The physiotherapist should not be a superhero, but rather a sidekick in the client’s story. A good sidekick provides the necessary conditions for a superhero to shine & thrive and complete the task gloriously (e.g., the rehabilitation process). If the client becomes too dependent on the physiotherapist, something has gone wrong. The physiotherapist should support the client’s self-efficacy and capability, i.e. support the client’s ability to cope and adapt on their own in any situation and environment.

Every time the physiotherapy process comes to an end and it’s time to say goodbye, I respond to the client’s thanks: “It was a pleasure – and thank you: In the end, you were the one who did the work – my role was to guide you along the path.”

Few of us are always superheroes alone – many times there is a great need for a sharp sidekick! That’s when I’m happy to step in to the batmobile and offer my help for you.

Physiotherapist and movement optimist from Turku, Finland.