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PhysiotherapyRandom thoughts

Think poetic

By 28.12.20201 elokuun, 2021No Comments

The physiotherapy process is hardly ever linear, as we are dealing with complex systems. There are endless variables. This means we need to be able to approach the process creatively, adaptively and with constant variation. We need to be able to see and think things more dynamically, more broadly and more poetically. Many essential findings are hidden between the lines and without being directly interpretable – or the relevant interpretation of the details may vary from situation to situation.

In physiotherapy this means constant observation and acquiring new knowledge. Test the learning strategies instead of training unadaptable skills and drills. Find out what the person’s internal dialogue is and listen to what words this individual uses to describe their experience: ”What dialogue you create with yourself and others during times of crisis or when you are challenged?” This is a big part of the whole and tells hidden details. Interpret these poems and be the gardener at the same time: Understand and observe how the individual relates to their environment as this informs you how to integrate relevant affordances in their landscape.

During exploration we learn to adapt. As a physiotherapist rather design the problem, instead of prescribing the solution. Raise street rats instead of lab mice: Test their knowledge in real environment, in full complexity and unpredictability, as this is what they will face outside the clinic, too. We know that better overall perception of motor skills leads to better performance and even to better result in specific sport. This has to to do with learning: Individuals who are exposed to diversified learning experiences learn to find better learning solutions and become smarter learners. Adapting to learning situations means more variety in the motoric capabilities and output. Design movement situations based on dynamic task constraints where the individual needs to be creative while under pressure in order to solve proposed puzzles and to coordinate the way out of the trouble.

Add and introduce little poetry and artistry to your physioterapy practice.

Physiotherapist and movement optimist from Turku, Finland.