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PhysiotherapyRandom thoughts

Translation project at the clinic

Many clinicians and experts read a number of different sources, studies, and research papers on a regular basis. Reading is one thing, but a completely different matter is how the information read is absorbed and translated into practice, for example at the physiotherapy clinic. This is a practical translation project that may not be as easy as it sounds. Do you just translate the words you read, or do you get the whole contextual idea translated into practice in detail? Because there is a very significant difference. We need to understand how words and thought differ in nuance – for they can seem almost the same: Words form sentences that we read and that describe a thought. But the thought is much more than the sum of the words written. Compare this to a translated book, for example: You distinguish careful translation work from even the best Google Translate output in seconds. One translates thoughts, another translates words.

Trying to apply one piece of the puzzle – one word or a sentence from research paper, for example – to the practice without understanding the whole thought is like cherry-picking most beautiful exercises from Instagram without thinking about the underlying context and thought, and to give them to a client and to call it an individualized training program.

Just think!

Physiotherapist and movement optimist from Turku, Finland.