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What’s the rush?

By 10.6.20211 elokuun, 2021No Comments

There is very often some contradiction in my work. The athletes I work with want to get back into sports as soon as possible. And I want to do my best to make a quick return possible for them. However, biology cannot be accelerated – on the other hand, slowing it down is very easy (doing the wrong things at the wrong time). Some things take time. It has once been said that the art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease (Voltaire 1694-1778). Fortunately, medicine and physiotherapy have gone a long way since those days, and today, proper treatment will substantially help an athlete on their return to sport. In practice, this means targeted training and its appropriate customization and programming. Unfortunately, however, entertainment is still sometimes seen in the industry: Vague treatments and methods that have no basis or even an effect on the injury or problem. Cultivating misconceptions may generate longer treatment periods (and more income) for the professional, but at the same time it creates a misconception about the field of physiotherapy. This is all often due to unnecessary rush and uncertainty.

Work with humility. If you rush you will not be attentive to any glitches in the system. This might create issues in the long run. Have you ever considered how long it takes for tissues to adapt?

Physiotherapist and movement optimist from Turku, Finland.